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Margraf, worldwide representative of the excellence of the “Made in Italy, ” was awarded the refurbishment of the prestigious Grand Hôtel in Stockholm under the supervision of the British Architects Richmond International. 
The company supplied over 300 sq.m. finest floor marble for the refurbishment of the community spaces hosting the restaurant areas of the hotel. This is the case of the “Grand Buffet” room of the Veranda Restaurant, where the marble décors are inspired by traditional Swedish embroidery, and antique fabrics. 
Bianco Statuario is the dominant colour matched to a central trim featuring a Grafite and Dark Emperador “lacework” pattern. The buffet counter, with a gorgeous Bianco Alaska top of composite quartz, was purposely arranged on the marble rosone to accent its centrality. The dining room floor has a more geometric allure, but yet very elegant with a 30 sq.m. large floor medallion with a mosaic in Grafite and Bianco Statuario marble. 
Polished Crema Marfil slabs with tiny geometric Grafite inlays add to the work a special finish. Facing the waterfront, with view on the Swedish Royal Palace and the Gamla Stan (old Stockholm area), the Grand Hôtel is known as one of the most exclusive Swedish hotels. 
It was designed by the French master Régis Cadier in 1874, and since then it has become a standing reference of the country because of the elegance of its interiors, and the quality of the service offered. Over the years, it has been reallocated to the home of many celebrities, artists, politicians, music stars, and show-people. The Grand Hôtel is also internationally renowned for its Veranda Restaurant, managed by chef Mathias Dahlgren and awarded the Michelin stars for Swedish kitchen, as well as for the spectacular Cadier bar lounge, saunas and pools of the Nordic Spa & Fitness club.

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