House of Worship of Baha’i Religion


House of Worship of Baha'i Religion This famous temple, designed by the Arch. Fariborz Sahba, is a testimony of the progressive diffusion of the Baha'i faith all over the world. The temple has the appearance of the bud of a lotus flower, made of 27 petals. From the nine gates you can enter the central room, which has an area that can accomodate over than 2500 people. The building can be seen as a large dome 70 metres in diameter, 35 metres high. The marble used is Pentelico Greco, the same marble which was used in the constructin of the Parthenon in Athens (marble no longer available at the moment).

Project Details
  • .Architect: Arch. Fariborz Sahba
  • .Location: New Delhi, India
  • .Marbles used: Pentelico Greco



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