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The new office of Marco Bicego, the famous Vicenza jeweler brand born in 2000, has recently opened in Trissino (VI). 
The building, designed by the architect Tiberio Cerato, represents the manifesto of the company values and aesthetics, synthesized by an essential, but surprisingly modern and yet timeless, eleganceThe architect has achieved this difficult balance thanks to a careful choice and a precise combination of materials: heavy elements - such as steel, iron, brick and glass - contrast with warm, natural elements - such as oak and stone. A precious stone, imbued with history, but yet outside of time: the marble. 
It is signed by Margraf, the historical brand of Italian marble. The Vicenza-based company - whose history is marked from the beginning by a close collaboration with the big names of architecture in Italy and abroad - has achieved, once again, a major role in the construction of the new Marco Bicego headquarters:5, 950 square meters divided into three levels which house the hi-tech offices of the company, the showroom, the spaces devoted to lectures and presentations, and the areas designed for production and prototyping. Within this wide area, Margraf has provided 2.600 square meters of 2-centimeter Grigio Meteora meteor grey slabs for the construction of the floors: the same beautiful marble, with its nuances in shades of grey-beige, was used for the implementation of the main staircase, from the ground floor to the first floor, of the secondary staircase, from the basement to the roof, and of all employees' baths and washbasins. 
90% of the material provided has been designed according to a 20-centimeter size, with the exception of that applied to the outer parts of the structure - including border thresholds, external walls covering and drains for water drainage - characterized by different sizes. 
The result is an extraordinarily modern and elegant building. Inside, the marble austerity, finished with an experienced dressing, is dampened by one of the core elements of the architectural design: the false oak ceiling - that hides the technical machinery and the lights - with which fixed fittings, all of exclusive design, were made. 
The shades of Grigio Meteora and oak harmoniously contrast with a deep, dark and indefinable blue, which creates a visual contrast with a strongly suggestive aesthetic impact. Outside, the building is surrounded in all its volume by horizontal steel cables that create a protective case thanks to which natural light flows through the large windows. And here, too, the precious Margraf marble, subjected to a sandblasting process, is required to refine the outside parts of the building. 
As a link between the exterior and interior of the structure, we find the "green". Nature, to which the Marco Bicego brand has always strongly linked its image, becomes an integral part of the construction by inserting itself inside the structure with a rich vegetation that surrounds the building first, and finally symbolically reaches the centre, a place around which the entire space is organized. The structure, with a highly innovative and functional aesthetics, achieves another objective of the project, namely the quest for quality in the workplace. A quality that also passes through the materials, among which the Margraf marble is an extraordinary example full of history and beauty which, thanks to its uniqueness, strongly projects itself into the future.

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