Quarry Lipica Unito


Type of quarry:  open-air and tunnel

Type of marble:  grey-coloured marble with more or less evident fossil remains and rare small whitish veins. This stone is very compact and resistant to frost; it was used in ancient times for flooring and outdoor architectural elements throughout current-day Veneto, Friuli and Slovenia; today, testifying to the stone’s durability, these floors and elements still preserve their original features.

Technical characteristics:  Natural stone slabs for outdoor floors, after 48 freeze/thaw cycles, Lipica Unito has proven to be frost-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

Surface finishes: Hand-chiselling,  bush-hammering,  scoring, flaming…; it is suitable for any type of surface finish

Production:  blocks, slabs, special formats (carved-out, shower trays, floor and wall tiles…)

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