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These tables in polished Nero Belgio with inlays in Alabastro, Onice Miele, Onice Verde, Onice Rosa and Azul Cielo were made for the meeting rooms of the new Margraf Headquarters. 
The design, created by Flavio Albanese (ASA Studio Albanese), is the same of the floor in the entrance hall (Bianco Laser and Grey Saint Laurent marbles), and is inspired by the theme MUTABLE SPIRIT. 
Marble is separated from its natural ambient (metaforeign material), and man-processed to become an artwork. The lapidary material is disaggregated, made lighter, chiselled and shaped into an endless number of silhouettes and solutions, until it becomes another material. The work was named after the myth of Apollo and Dafne (Phoebus and Laurel) representing the perfect change of essence and nature: the marble tree with its lightweight, impalpable branches hosts a human dimension within itself. Nature changes and revives thanks to technical know-how. Where nature is there, changes occur. And when changes occur, soul is there.

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Margraf Headquarters
36072 Chiampo (VI) ITALY – Via Marmi, 3

Area Margraf – Logistics Hub
36053 Gambellara (VI) ITALY – Via Torri di Confine

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