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Sustainable coexistence and “feasible utopia”: Margraf Hanging Gardens by Metrogramma for Marmomacc 2014
Hanging Gardens consists of two modular latticed structures of reinforcing bars, arranged in a shaky balance which almost seems to be yearning to be filled with concrete. Instead there are marble slabs hanging randomly and green plants protrude from of the pores and voids of a grid-like structure. 
The two modules that surround Margraf's area provide an attractive enclosure of the stand interiors, yet without any solid closure. They are complemented by long standing elements on a slim pedestal supporting an asymmetrical cantilever mimicking cranes: a design reproducing the continuous process of becoming that goes beyond the clearing of the construction yard and continues with the life that animates man-made environments. Climbing plants alternate with marble slabs hanging lightly from the metal cages forming a symbiotic and peaceful coexistence. 
Outside, the installation features more steadfast and permanent proportions recalling the trees and elevated squares embellished by luscious marble and steel braziers, as well as nature-born sounds. 
Both constructions are clearly inspired by Yona Friedman's "feasible utopias" both in terms of the material manifestation and the visionary goal of a peaceful coexistence of man-made artefacts and nature within contemporary urban settings. 
Marble is a monumental, rugged material that has been traditionally associated with ancient Italian master sculptors. Its combination with the underlying, lightweight sub-structure, designed to bear the slabs, results in a semantic arrangement forming Hanging Gardens that are a new type of counterpoint focusing on monumental endurance rather than the immediate, transitory appearance of the scenographic installation.

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