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The proposal of MADE Expo 2011– the international event of reference for the fields of architecture, design and building industry - is enriched thanks to the exhibition designed by My Exhibition, devoted to the topic of social housing: Social Home Design. 
At the Social Home Design, Luca Scacchetti - one of the most prestigious names in the international architecture - presents La Casa degli Sguardi, a social housing project carried out within a space of about 200 square metres, equipped with a green area and a urban garden. As a true lover of the stone, Luca Scacchetti has chosen Margraf Industria Marmi Vicentini as the ideal partner for the construction of the installation. It is not a coincidence: in fact, Margraf is not only a reality of absolute excellence of the made in Italy, able to provide designers with exclusive materials, unique in the world, cutting edge technologies and a strong professional culture, but also a responsible company, always involved in projects of landscape restoration and renewable energy use. "La Casa degli Sguardi" is a housing unit, a sheltered place in which inner and outer spaces interpenetrate in a smooth visual continuity. 
The lightweight furnishings do not interrupt this sense of open space, but rather highlight it, contributing to the definition of a sort of home/window that wants to present itself as a new possible way of thinking and living the space. A dynamic space that constantly reminds us of nature, its materials and colours. Hence the choice of marble - natural matter par excellence: signed by Margraf. Among the materials used by the Vicenza-based company, Luca Scacchetti has chosen to employ the polished Picasso Brown for the chequer board floor in the sleeping area and the Perla Beige marble, worked with the Velvet finish – exclusive finish Margraf - (with a slightly scored effect), to cover the walls of the bathroom:20 square metres of light beige marble colour-contrasting with the dark and decided tones of Picasso Brown (51 square metres) placed on the floor. Instead, in the outdoor area completing the installation, a fountain made of Lipica Fiorito marble, worked by hand with a crop end, takes shape from a chiselled Lipica Fiorito carpet - particularly resistant to intense cold: the effect is that of a monolith recalling the shape of a mountain rock from which water naturally springs. Nature, beauty and research of quality in each environment, starting from the choice of materials: these must be the guiding principles of social housing in the future. For sustainable low-cost project development capabilities that do not give up beauty: today Margraf is an absolutely privileged interpreter of these planning skills.

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