Renovation of a luxury home in Nice


Renovation of a luxury home in Nice

The French Riviera falls in love with Margraf style

More and more architects and private customers on the French Riviera are finding the answer to their style needs in the combination of stunningly beautiful Margraf marble and unique, first-rate laying abilities. This is epitomized by a renovated luxury home in a historical building on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, with a design by NG Studio. Using marble as their main material, the architects presented a fresh twist on the local architectural features and lifestyle.  The interiors boast a masterful blend of styles – from classic to art deco and modern – and materials, in a refined, enveloping ensemble in which Margraf marble takes centre stage. Monaco Light is the main material used, providing a common thread running through all of the rooms. It adds great brightness and character thanks to its distinctive champagne hue, which is embellished by white streaks.  Gold is the predominant colour in the bedrooms, where the choice was made to go for a spectacular look. The same applies in one of the bathrooms, which is adorned with recurrent vein, book-match style Onice Ivory. It is uniquely breathtaking, like a work of art.

Quantity and types of marble used:

  • 178 m² of Monaco Light (main material – used on floors and walls)
  • 26 m² of Botticino Fiorito Extra Light (guest bedroom and bathroom walls)
  • 7 m² of Azul Macaubas (guest bedroom walls)
  • 4 m² of book-match style Onice Ivory (bathroom floor and walls)
  • 8 m² of Bianco Statuario (master bathroom walls)
  • 4 m² of Calacatta Oro (master bathroom pillar)
  • Jolie Grey kitchen top
  • Monaco Light / Bianco Venezia / Onice Ivory bathroom tops










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