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Margraf joined the international cultural project started by the Association Do ut do, Friends of the Hospice Seràgnoli Foundation promoting cultural events supporting the foregoing non-profit foundation.


Margraf excavation and stone working skills, teamed up with Architect Daniel Libeskind’s creativity, have led to the “The Wedge, ” a striking marble sculpture portraying space metaphysics.

For this masterwork, Margraf supplied the “Arancio di Selva” from its exclusive quarries. The sculpture consists of two marble pieces shaped from one single 2 m high block.

The block was extracted from the massif and sheared with a leading-edge wire shaper, which works without affecting neither the outside (negative), nor the inner core, “The Wedge” (positive).

This masterly combination of empty and solid spaces, pictures of which will be exhibited at the international MAXXI show in Roma, makes you wonder: is space a tangible infinity, or is it a defined dream? “The Wedge” honours the best Italian sculptural tradition and provides a superb example of a solid and eternal marble shaped into a pure, nearly ethereal guise.


Margraf is an excellence of the “made in Italy” worldwide, and a pillar of the world architecture history. With this work, the company has hit another milestone and reconfirmed itself as a forefront company and a reliable partner for International Architects from Norman Foster to Cesar Pelli, and now Daniel Libeskind.


Masterwork legend:

Designer:                               Daniel Libeskind

Title:                                         The Wedge

Year:                                        10/02/2014

Producer:                              Margraf

Dimensions:                         200 x 150 x 85 cm

Material:                                Arancio di Selva (extracted from Margraf exclusive quarry)

Sculptural technique:    Shaping with wire shaper and final processing on a 5-axis CNC. “The Wedge” has been obtained from a block of Arancio di Selva marble using a wire shaper designed to drill without altering the outer shell (negative) and the wedge (positive).


Photo credits:                          Niccolò Berretta & Federico Maria Tribbioli


Libeskind biography:

Libeskind was born in Poland and is an internationally renowned architect and designer. His work includes large buildings for private and cultural institutions, congress halls, universities, mansions, hotels, shopping malls, and villas. He was awarded numerous prizes and signed some international projects, out of which: the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Denver Art Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Military History Museum in Dresden, and the Master Plan for Ground Zero. His relentless efforts to expand the borders of architecture mirror his strong commitment and involvement in philosophy, art, literature and music. The keystone of his philosophy is the concept that every architectural work evolves through human energy and must be broadly consistent with its cultural settings. Libeskind is currently teaching and holding conferences all over the world.



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