“Saxum Essentia”: a luxury project by Ron Dennis team

“Saxum Essentia”: a luxury project by Ron Dennis team

An above luxury residential kitchen conceived by the designers of Ron Dennis comes to life with Margraf and Marrone

After the recent announcement of the partnership with Lavendo Developments, company led by the crackerjack Ron Dennis, today Marrone and Margraf are proud to officially unveil the project they have contributed to for a prestigious Surrey mansion: Saxum Essentia, a sumptuous concept of residential kitchen, where the best professional performances and the best materials meet the objectives of the most demanding chef, the most refined designers, and surprise the most exclusive diners.

A unique project. Totally custom, it was conceived by the Lavendo Developments team and the realization was entrusted by two manufacturers of Italian excellence, both personally selected by Ron Dennis – founder and executive of Lavendo, the English company active in the construction industry, as well as aknowledged ambassador of values such as “attention to detail” and “constant search for innovation, perfection and excellence”.

Everything comes from a man’s vision. A broad vision, which embraces multiple concepts. All converging in the desire to host by creating unique and unrepeatable experiences. Saxum Essentia is one of the many pieces that compose the mosaic and for which Margraf and Marrone were chosen: Italian companies already leaders respectively in the field of marble processing and professional custom-made kitchens.

Steel and marble take centre stage in this project. A superior type of cloudy grey Italian marble featuring light and dark shades, as well as veins in colours ranging from brown to pale pink – is the natural material at the heart of the striking, iconic Chef Table, The marble element of the Chef Table is of a truly remarkable size (400 x 90 x 90 cm) and its shape perfectly matches the metal part, almost making the two feel like they are fused together.

Thanks to production and technological capacities that are unparalleled on a global scale, Margraf was able to use special cutting processes and extract a single, extremely large block of marble (420 x 200 x 170 cm), then shape it using cutting-edge technology.

The marble covering of the back wall is also of a very substantial size (300 x 260 cm). It is made of two parts that fit together perfectly.

The distinctive “cleft” finish on the surface was produced by Margraf Innovation Lab and it is part of the new Ipogeo® Collection. It adds an exclusive touch to the iconic Chef Table and all of the wall coverings. The blocks of marble are digitally scanned, undergo 3D processing by futuristic CNC machinery and are then finished by hand by the company’s specialist artisans. .



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