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Avant-garde and innovation for Margraf to Marmomacc
Margraf has accompanied the history of international architecture for more than 100 years and works alongside the most prestigious architects in their most important creations. At the cutting edge for the excellence of its products and of the materials proposed as well as for the research of a design that is always modern, today, it is present at Marmomacc with a series of initiatives and creations that are "out of the box". 
From the creativity of the New York artist Andrea Bianconi is born Marble Crash Test, in which the protagonist is the Fior di Pesco Carnico. An installation/performance that is one of a kind, exalting all the characteristics of this natural material: hardness, modernity, strength, resistance and durability. 
The performance is developed around 2 elements:
1. A video projection in which real objects or those that only have been drawn, images of persons and animals crashing against marble to then be reborn, as if forged by the force of this natural material;
2. a performance of three waiters dressed in white who, wearing a mask representing the face of Silvio Xompero, owner of the company and enlightened entrepreneur, carry a tray with objects of glass and ceramics and, like in a farce, they make fall them and shatter. 
The Vicentine company also is part of the "Pietra fluida" (Fluid stone) project of Marmomacc & Design proposing, in the external area, the installation of the young designer Isacco Mantegazza: on a hexagonal area of 287 m2, 12 blocks of marble rest on red cushions where they are exhibited like diamonds, at the centre of which a stone symbolises the point. To highlight the connection with the earth, from which the marble derives, and the strong environmental sensitivity, Margraf will plant an olive for every block that will be purchased.

Details Project
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  • .Location: Verona
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