Marble stories 2017

Marble stories 2017

“Nature is rebellious and sooner or later it takes up its spaces.”

Given the last year’s interesting experience, Margraf launches a new sculpture art competition to give space to artists and their creativity. In fact, the work of artists during the second edition of Marble Stories, Nature Rebel, has been so fascinating that it is worthwhile to retrace it with this short video.

On the right, however, we can see the sculptor Anna Ghilardi with his work “Memento Vitae”, which was proclaimed on Saturday, September 16 at the Margraf showroom, winner of the second sculpture symposium, entitled “Nature rebel” . An exciting evening with sculpture and music, with an audience of more than 500 people, thanks to the Alpini Chiampo Group (ADUNATA ALPINI TRIVENETO 2017), admired Margraf the Brigade Cadore Choir and the Tridentina Brigade Fanfare Party on leave.



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