Scalo Milano City Style


Scalo Milano City Style is Milan’s latest shopping district. Designed by Metrogramma, in collaboration with Cotefa.ingegneri&architetti, it brings together the best of Made in Italy: fashion, fine cuisine, art and design. In this particular setting, Margraf marbles are the centrepiece of the outdoor spaces.

Developed by Lonati Group and Promos which also manages the complex, it is a true luxury district. It stands in what used to be the historical Saiwa plant and features an urban environment where the buildings, arranged along streets and open-air squares, have an architecture that take inspiration from 20th-century factories donning contemporary façades.
Covering 60,000 sqm and comprising 300 commercial units, Scalo Milano is Italy’s first luxury retail village, a new urban district south of Milan. The real estate complex features a brand-new retail concept, i.e., a city hub for innovation, where training, research, explorations and habitats offer a snapshot of what the city will be like.
In the outdoor spaces, the squares become urban living spaces where the 2200 sqm of Margraf marble paving are enhanced by three different types of stone which, like a blanket, define the spaces and reshape the interaction between the vertical and horizontal elements, spreading a sense of uniformity and consistency throughout the entire complex.
Lipica Fiorito, Rosso Asiago and Grigio Carnico, all frost-resistant and with a thickness of 6 cm, are laid as 30-cm-wide free-length slabs and combined to recreate the hues of the façades contrasting with the self-locking surfaces. The special flamed finish makes the surfaces extremely slip-proof and softens the hues of colour. The high quality of Margraf marbles is the perfect match for the style requirements of Scalo Milano and create a truly distinctive overall impression.

Technical details

  • Design: Scalo Milano City Style
  • Location: Locate Triulzi – Milan
  • Gross leasable area (GLA): 60,000 m2
  • Client: Locate District S.p.A.
  • Sponsor: Promos S.r.l.
  • Design: Metrogramma Milano S.r.l.
  • Partner: ingegneri&architetti S.r.l.
  • Stone Used:
  • 2200 sqm of flooring, 6 cm thick, flamed finish, Lipica Fiorito, Rosso Asiago and Grigio Carnico.
  • Fountain in Grigio Carnico in the Design Square and in the Taste Square.
  • Outdoor stairs in Grigio Carnico.



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