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The block of marble is the degree zero of the production chain: the quality of semi-finished and finished products depends on the features and technical and aesthetic properties of marble. Margraf is able to provide this type of material thanks to extraordinary natural stones and marble coming partly from proprietary marble mines, partly from mining sites located all around the world.

Years of a long and profitable collaboration with suppliers, which the company has been able to establish preferential commercial relationships with, combined with the expertise of qualified technicians, called to evaluate and choose the material directly in situ, have turned Margraf into the leading company in the marketing of blocks. This is the main heart of the company: the marble begins its transformation here, to become an expression of absolute excellence.


With a warehouse including approximately two hundred different types of marble and a production process based on machines unique in the world, Margraf can meet any need, always ensuring the high quality of the semi-finished material. Ten frames transform the blocks into raw slabs, ready to be purchased.

This is followed by resining, meshing, polishing, smoothing and brushing operations, in addition to a wide range of surface finishes to meet the technical specifications required. The wide variety of finishes, combined with the perfect execution of the processes, places the Margraf commercial proposal at the top of the world market.

Marble Tiles

Customized floor tiles adjusted for floorings and coverings: Margraf Tiles, operational department of the company responsible for the production of marble tiles, is able to offer a high quality finished product, resulting from a careful selection of marble and from the exceptional expertise in the subsequent processes up to selecting colour, tone and veins.


CREATIVITY WITH NO LIMITS – Using the most advanced technologies and thanks to the expertise of the human resources employed, Margraf Project, operational department of the company oriented to building and any type of special processing, is able to respond to any project requirement, reinterpreting with the maximum flexibility also typically standard collections and productions. From customized achievements to the development of more complex architectural projects, Margraf is able to support professionals in all the phases of the project: from the choice of the most suitable materials to production planning, from testing quality to assistance during installation.

By putting into effect a unique set of skills and professional abilities, Margraf is able to use marble in a 360° production with tailor-made products that are the direct expression of an unquestionable taste and high creativity.


THE NEVERENDING TRANSFORMATION OF MARBLE  – For more than one hundred years Magraf has celebrated the universality of marble and natural stones through a definitely extraordinary production based on criteria of absolute excellence.

The passion for the job, the craftsmanlike attention to processing and the commitment to a constant search for perfection are the values that have always accompanied a highly mechanized production process, equipped with cutting edge technologies in the world production scenario. Margraf achievements are the result of a virtuous and progressive process of transformation and enhancement of natural stones in a very differentiated, and potentially infinite, range of products.

Starting from raw slabs to the most complex special products, Margraf is an exceptional interpreter of the Made in Italy in the world, which is not only expression of a particular way of doing business, strongly linked to the territory, but also of a taste and a typical Italian recognized style, capable of enriching all planning contexts with a timeless charm.



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