What we do

We transform marble and natural stone into quality products for design and architecture. It is what we do best: we have had many years of practice.


The hallmarks of Margraf are evident from the very first step in the production chain: they can clearly be seen in the care we take in extracting our blocks and in the intrinsic quality of the material.

What remains to be discovered, however, is the immense variety of marble and natural stone blocks, both Italian and exotic, deriving from our deposits and quarry sites around the world.


Whatever your idea, we can help shape your project: you can count on quality slabs made with unique machines and a range of over 200 different types of marble.

Ten frame saws are used to transform the marble blocks into unfinished slabs, ready for use. Does your project have specific technical requirements? We can meet your needs, embellishing the slabs with a wide range of surface treatments.

Extra Projects & Products

What once seemed impossible to achieve with marble is now possible with our special processes.

Thanks to the experience of our professionals and the use of the most advanced technologies, we can fulfil the most daring design requirements: we can reinterpret typically standard collections and productions with the utmost flexibility to create a range of “extra-ordinary” products.


Our custom-made tiles for floors and walls.

A finished product of the highest quality, which shimmers in its own light thanks to the meticulous selection of marble, painstaking workmanship and eclectic range of colours, tones and vein patterns.

Research and innovation

Processes that enhance the raw material

A hundred years of experience, put into practice and refined with an eye on the future: thanks to its constant research and innovation, Margraf’s technical and production potential is unrivalled in the marble and natural stone industry

Technological investments, creative minds. In this way we have managed to enhance what was already perfect in nature. By experimenting with new cutting-edge processes and treatments, we have enriched the material with unprecedented visual and tactile qualities: through us, marble has acquired new uses in the areas of beauty, creativity and wellness.

1906-2024 Projects that have made history

Arch. Dario Carbone
Arch. Emilio Lancia
Arch. Mengoni
Arch. Mazzoni, Vallot & Perilli
Arch. Paul Saintenoy
Arch. Georg Dippert & Karl Appel
Eng. Eugenio Miozzi
Arch. Housseine Amanat
Arch. Cesar Pelli
Arch. Heery & Heery
Arch. Cesar Pelli
Arch. John Burgee and Philip Johnson
Arch. John Burgee and Philip Johnson
Arch. Frank Nicholson
Arch. Norman Foster
Arch. Kevin Roche
Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass
Arch. Norman Foster
Arch. Serge Georges Khalaf
Arch. Philip Johnson and Alan Ritchie
Arch. Nichols Brosh Sandoval & Ass
Studio Architest
Arch. Norman Foster
Arch,.Bojan Jokanovic
Des. Emma Clementson
Arch. Elvin Najafov
Arch. Jeronimo da Cunha Lima
Arch. Craig Copeland
Jamie Fobert Architects
Studio One Works
Jamie Fobert Architects
Arch. Isay Weinfeld
Studio Iosa Ghini Associati
Studio Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design
Arch. Max Teherani
Des. Raffaello Galiotto
Studio Arassociati
Arch. Evgeny Bolotny
Studio Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design
Arch. Giancarlo Maroni
Studio Revuelta Architecture International
Studio Arassociati
Des. Raffaello Galiotto
Arch. Fabio Mariani
Studio David Chipperfield Architects
Arch. Hossein Amanat
Des. Patricia Urquiola