The home and head office of Margraf is still to be found in the place where it all began. In the historic headquarters in Chiampo, founded in 1906, on a road now officially known as Via Marmi 3 in memory of our origins: Industria Marmi Vicentini.

35.000 sqm
Over 10,000 plates on display
Via Marmi 3 - 36072 Chiampo (VI) - Italy

Margraf Headquarters

It is now 117 years since the Chiampo site was founded: today, the headquarters of Margraf processes over 400 types of marble and stone in the various plants, owns 10 quarries and boasts equally important figures as regards the transformation of blocks into slabs and the production of finished products.

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The plants

Carrara plant

In Carrara, stands our new storage blocks of natural stones. Marbles and quartzites, from all over the world in the world capital of marble. The deposit is located in Viale Zaccagna 25 (MS).

Viale Zaccagna 25, Carrara (MS)

5000 m2 of surface

over 250 exposed blocks

The quarries