Innovation Lab

Our research and development laboratory. What you didn’t think possible with marble.

Where the research never stops

A creative hub where designers, artists and technicians develop new interpretations of marble: Innovation Lab is Margraf’s creative epicentre, where we transform slabs into canvases, nature into art.

Thanks to our tireless research and development work, we are able to overcome all stylistic and technological barriers to create tailor-made collections, marble as you have never seen it before. We sculpt the material in original ways: one-off pieces or limited edition numbered series of 3D coverings and furnishing accessories.

The know-how coming from different sectors and the cutting-edge technology, allow to give life to the material, creating precious unique pieces or small numbered series of three-dimensional coverings and furnishing accessories.
The passion and dynamism that distinguish us, have elevated the company’s knowledge to the creation of unique solutions, capable of transforming slabs into canvases, nature into art.

Ipogeo Collection

A collection that awakens the senses and evokes the deepest and most hidden origins of matter and its close link with the earth. Ipogeo is the innovative finish of Margraf Innovation Lab that celebrates marble as natural stone.