We treat the material we process and its natural habitat with respect. This is why we work to reduce the environmental impact of our actions.

Our dedication goes beyond marble: it includes the quarry and nature as a whole.

At Margraf we made a commitment to nature a long time ago. At the time, what everyone now calls environmental sustainability was simply devout respect for us: we have regarded the quarry as a sacred place since we started mining marble and stone back in 1906.

The world is a different place now and we have adapted accordingly. We have structured what came naturally to us into targeted activities: landscape restoration projects, investments in energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources.

Rethink Marble

We have rethought marble: Rethink Marble is a project for the environment, a new concept of sustainable, responsible marble that forms part of a circular economy.

What does this mean?

  • We have fitted our production facilities with photovoltaic systems: 35% of the energy used at Margraf comes from solar panels.
  • We reuse water: 77% of our water is purified and recycled.
  • We produce marble tiles from unshaped blocks: 85k tonnes of scrap marble recovered.
  • We protect the natural habitat of our Fior di Pesco Carnico® quarry: +2,000 trees planted in our quarries.

To learn more about our environmental commitments download the Sustainability Report.

Certified Quality

Quality. For some an optional extra, for us a question of principle: it is certified by the CE marking that you will find on Margraf marbles, guaranteeing their suitability in particularly testing weather conditions.

As established by the UNI EN 1341 standard, applied to slabs for pedestrian and vehicular use, our marbles have obtained CE marking after undergoing the following laboratory tests:

  • Flexural strength (EN 12372)
  • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (EN 13755)
  • Apparent density (EN 1936)
  • Open porosity (EN 1936)
  • Frost resistance and flexural strength after 48 cycles (EN 12371)
  • Slip resistance (EN 14231)
  • Abrasion resistance (EN 1341)
  • Macroscopic description of the stone (EN 1341)
  • Petrographic analysis (EN 12407)
iso 9001 - iso 14001

The guiding principle of our work is the quest for excellence, which translates into compliance with the highest standards of quality and sustainability: not only in the finished product but throughout the entire management and production process.

We have undertaken to certify that all of Margraf’s activities – from the design to the manufacture of our various products – comply with the quality standards of ISO 9001 (certified since 2005) and ISO 14001 (certified since 2022), which certifies the effectiveness of our Environment, Quality and Safety policies. And we continue to do so: we are working to obtain ISO 45000 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management.