From Ron Dennis’ team: “Saxum Essentia”

Margraf and Marrone together for an extra luxury residential kitchen designed by Ron Dennis designers

After the announcement of the partnership with Lavendo Developments, Thursday 23 June 2022, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, Ron Dennis with Silvio Xompero, President Margraf and Maurizio Fantin, General Manager of Marrone unveiled the project “Saxum Essentia”, a sumptuous residential kitchen concept for a prestigious home in Surrey, UK. A unique project, conceived by the Lavendo Developments team and realized by two Italian manufacturing excellences personally selected by Ron Dennis, ambassador of the values of “attention to detail” and “constant search for innovation, perfection and excellence”

Steel and marble are the main materials of the project. Our Arabescato Grigio Orobico is the predominant natural element. On the chef table its shape perfectly matches the metal part, giving almost a feeling of fusion between the two elements. In addition, the special split finish, made internally, gives a touch of exclusivity to the entire kitchen.

“Saxum Essentia”, an extraordinary project that combines Italian craftsmanship, the beauty of marble and technological perfection. This partnership is the perfect example of how innovation and the quest for excellence can transform a visionary idea into an extraordinary reality.

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