Margraf-Marmi Vrech: a new alliance in excellence

Announcing the new strategic alliance for decisive leadership in the luxury yachting sector.

Continuing our policy of expansion and investments, we announce a new and significant strategic partnership through the acquisition of a majority stake in Marmi Vrech Srl.

Marmi Vrech, a company based in Cervignano del Friuli (UD), embodies the entrepreneurial passion upheld by the Vrech family for over 60 years in the tailoring of marble. Today, the company is recognized as a successful entity, a major international player in the high-end yachting industry, thanks to research, experimentation, and visionary entrepreneurial spirit.

This industrial alliance, strongly pursued by the Xompero family, aligns with a precise corporate strategy aimed at consolidating leadership in the extraction and processing of marble and natural stone. Simultaneously, it seeks to diversify the core business into high-value-added sectors.

The increasing use of marble in luxury yachting represents a new significant challenge for us“, states Roberto Xompero, CEO of Margraf. “This initiative not only strengthens our position in the luxury market but also enhances development prospects with projects based on the excellence of Made in Italy. Marmi Vrech will contribute to reinforcing our presence in the sector, opening up new possibilities for growth and innovation.

Alessandro Vrech, the CEO who will remain at the helm of the new entity, commented on the operation: “Margraf’s entry into our share capital is not only a recognition of the value that Marmi Vrech and its team represent but also outlines a new and strong industrial alliance ready to compete in the market with determination and passion. Special thanks go to our team, whose dedication and talent have always been the driving force of the company and will continue to be so in the future we are building together.”

The successful conclusion of the operation was made possible with the financial advisory support of Deloitte Financial Advisory to the Xompero family, with a team led by Lorenzo Parrini (Partner), Andrea Zen (Partner), Graziano Paliotta (Director), and Giorgio Dalla Vigna (Manager). Fieldfisher, led by Fabrizio Filì and Alberto Assirelli, provided legal advisory assistance to Margraf’s partners in all contractual and corporate aspects of the operation.

This alliance represents the perfect blend of tradition and technological innovation, passion, and determination. We look to the future with enthusiasm, ready to write new chapters of success together and consolidate our position as a reference in the world of marble and luxury. Stay with us to closely follow this extraordinary adventure

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