Our Sustainability Mission

In our journey to leadership in the marble industry, we have embraced an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We proudly present our first Sustainability Report, a document that reflects our dedication to sustainable excellence and responsibility towards the environment and society.

Economic Sustainability

Sustainability is not only about the environment but much more. Diversification is the key to our economic sustainability. Our strong international presence distributes the weight of activities, ensuring a solid financial foundation in low-risk countries.
Beyond this, The Italian raw material continues to play a fundamental role, representing 80% of the processed products. Close interaction with Italian suppliers allows us to maintain active control over extraction activities.

Environmental Commitment

When it comes to sustainability and the environment, we prefer to let the numbers speak for us:

  • Marble Purchased and Utilization Percentage: Our production processes aim for the maximum use of materials, with 100% of raw materials used without any production waste.
  • Energy Produced and Consumed: In our facilities, we have installed 9,900 photovoltaic panels, with a capacity of over 2 megawatts, covering one-third of our energy consumption.
  • Water Impact: We invest in advanced purification plants, such as the recent Chiampo purifier, recycling over 77% of internally extracted water.
  • Atmospheric Emissions: With a marginal environmental impact of 4%, we demonstrate a tangible commitment to the environment, keeping emissions to a minimum.
  • Emissions and Materials Comparison: Our Fior di Pesco Carnico® falls below the industry average by over 15%, confirming our dedication to reducing the impact of our activities.

Sustainable Excellence

Our human resources plan integrates mandatory training with individual growth-focused training, addressing specific and cross-cutting needs throughout the organization. The 52% growth in training hours compared to 2021 is evidence of our commitment to the professional growth of each employee.
Furthermore, our actions reflect the commitment we dedicate to obtaining certifications related to environmental, quality, and safety policies (in accordance with ISO14001-UNI EN 1341 standards).

Our first Sustainability Report is a testament to our commitment to being pioneers in the marble industry, with the hope of becoming a guide towards a sustainable economy model, inspiring positive changes throughout the supply chain.”

Download the Sustainability Report and take a look at the entire document, with complete transparency.

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