City Life

At the heart of the former Milan Fairgrounds, an ambitious urban redevelopment project takes shape: CityLife

CityLife is an ambitious urban transformation project located in the former Milan Fairgrounds. Spanning 255,000 square meters, its aim is to create a cutting-edge urban space. At its core is a vast public park covering 170.000 square meters, making it one of Europe’s largest. Margraf has played a pivotal role in this urban renaissance by providing Lipica Fiorito marble for outdoor paving. Chosen for its resistance to frost and weathering, as well as its distinctive character, over 8.000 square meters of this exclusive marble now delineate spaces in the Tre Torri square, adding hierarchy and beauty.

CityLife comprises various components, including a vast park, residences by renowned architects like Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind, three office skyscrapers, commercial areas, underground parking for 7.000 cars, pedestrian and cycling paths, and a new subway station.

This project signifies a milestone for Margraf, showcasing not only its established reputation but also its commitment to crafting aesthetically pleasing and functional urban spaces. Our goal has been to embody excellence in urban design, contributing to reshaping Milan with high-quality natural materials and timeless architectural designs. Our history is intertwined with Milan’s, and through CityLife, we continue to shape the city’s future.

Technical informations

  • Location: MIlan, Italy

  • Project: Studio One Works

  • Quantity: 8200 sqm of marble

Material used


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