Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski

When excellence meets elegance

The Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski in Saint Moritz, a pinnacle of luxury hospitality in the heart of the Swiss Alps, has chosen our marbles for the structure’s redevelopment project, which will conclude in 2029.

The intervention, overseen by the London-based architecture firm Divercity Architects with Founding Partner & Director Nikolas Travasaros, has already involved the reception area, around thirty rooms, and their respective bathrooms, for which Margraf has supplied approximately 1200 square meters of Bianco Covelano and 500 square meters of Nero Marquinia. The project plans to work on one area of the hotel each year, thus achieving its complete finalization by 2029.

In detail, the reception wall is characterized by the elegant Bianco Covelano marble with its refined golden and blue hues harmoniously contrasting with the warm wooden finishes of the welcome desk. The juxtaposition between wood and marble continues in the rooms and their bathrooms, where the delicacy of Bianco Covelano is complemented by the intensity and elegance of Nero Marquinia, both used to embellish furnishings such as coffee tables, bedside tables, and desks. In the bathrooms, the presence of the two marbles is predominant, covering large surfaces to create a refined and prestigious ambiance.

The project is yet another confirmation of the illustrious and ambitious collaborations that Margraf is successfully pursuing and aims to continue to undertake, further highlighting the beauty of natural stone and artisanal techniques applied to the industry.

Technical informations

  • Location: St. Moritz

  • Project: Divercity Architects

  • Quantity: 1700 sqm of Bianco Covelano and Nero Marquinia marbles


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