New Versace boutique Paris

Opened in Paris, the new Versace boutique was conceived by French designer Gwenael Nicolas, who decided to make marble the star of the luxurious spaces of the flagship store at 249 Rue Saint Honoré.

A 450 m2 space distributed over three floors presents the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections: here Gwenael Nicolas, of the Japanese Curiosity studio, has adapted the iconic motifs of Versace to the Paris flagship store in a linear and contemporary way, integrating them perfectly with the location.

The floor, characterised by the interplay of different shades of white marble skilfully processed and inlaid by our technicians using innovative waterjet technology, interprets the luxury and uniqueness of a natural and eternal material, which fits perfectly with the brand’s philosophy and the style of the designer.

The store’s most defining characteristics are its brightness and light colours, which instantly grab the attention: in addition to the quest for aesthetic beauty, the designer has also carried out a careful study of the materials and the functionality of the rooms on the basis of the highest standards of sustainability.

The white marble floor, just like the walls and some of the shelves, gives the store a rich but understated aesthetic, embellished with gilded metal shelves and elements as well as large glass chandeliers.

Technical informations

  • Location: 249 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, France

  • Project: Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity Studio

  • Quantity: 450 m2 of white marble.