Oko Buildings

The OKO Buildings are two new Capital Group constructions in Moscow’s MIBC Moscow City complex. Two modern towers that showcase the best of Italian designer excellence.

Two modern towers, designed by Ghini Associati, with unique interior spaces in precious marble and natural stone: sharing a 6-storey base, the OKO Buildings consist of two skyscrapers, an 85-storey tower for residential use and a 49-storey office tower.

The aim of the project was to develop pleasant spaces for both private and business-related activities. Massimo Iosa Ghini explains the development of the concept: “In line with the intended use of the two buildings, we sought to create different environments, focusing on materials and forms that coexist in a balanced way while maintaining a common canvas, underpinned by a rich but fresh and modern style”.

The exclusive setting is further enhanced with polished Walnut Travertine (1,500 m2 of flooring) and 1,150 m2 of brushed Venghè marble, used to decorate the main wall and the entrance desk.

OKO Office Building

Dynamism and modernity are the adjectives that best describe the interiors of the OKO Office Building: open spaces separated by large glass panels with luminous edges, some of which equipped with holographic films for projecting films and images.

The large areas are enhanced with high quality finishes: the Venghè marble walls are treated to create double-curved surfaces both in the reception area – forming the desk and the wall behind reception – and in the corridors leading to the lifts. All of the marbles are laid in “continuous vein” and “bookmatch” installations with the utmost attention to detail: also in terms of the flooring, where the Walnut Travertine is enriched with a pattern of metal inserts and flashes of light.

OKO Residential Building

The OKO Residential Building tower is distinctive for having both a “public” space with a waiting area and a space dedicated exclusively to the inhabitants of the various apartments.

The first area is particularly welcoming thanks to the harmonious combination of materials such as wood, stone and metal. The private area is a common space, reserved for tenants: a large room divided into several zones – a reading area, art gallery, living area and mail box area. While changing in form and function, the surfaces of this space maintain the same identity.

Technical informations

  • Location: Moscow, Russia

  • Customer: Capital Group

  • Project: Iosa Ghini Associati

  • Quantity: 1,500 m2 of Travertino Noce, 1,200 m2 of Venghè.