Scalo Milano City Style

A luxury district where innovation merges with the excellence of Made in Italy, adorned with the timeless elegance of our natural stones

Scalo Milano City Style, designed by Metrogramma in collaboration with Cotefa, is Milan’s new luxury shopping district celebrating Italian excellence. Located on a former industrial area where the historic Saiwa factory once stood, this luxury quarter was developed by Lonati Group and managed by Promos.

Additionally, spanning 60,000 square meters with 300 commercial units, it’s Italy’s first luxury retail village and an innovation hub in southern Milan. The architecture draws inspiration from factories of the last century, blending contemporary facades seamlessly with tradition and modernity.

In the outdoor spaces of Scalo Milano, Margraf marbles take center stage. The squares are transformed into urban lounges with a marble pavement spanning over 2,200 square meters, crafted from Lipica Fiorito, Rosso Asiago, and Grigio Carnico. These stones, 6 cm thick and frost-resistant, are laid in a 30 cm running module, creating a visual continuity and harmony between vertical and horizontal architectural elements. Furthermore, the flamed finish of the marbles ensures slip resistance and soft color tones, adding elegance to the spaces.

Our marbles not only meet the aesthetic requirements of Scalo Milano but also enhance its quality and uniqueness. Additionally, Grigio Carnico is featured in the fountains at Piazza del Design and Piazza del Gusto, and in the outdoor stairs, highlighting meticulous attention to detail and stylistic harmony across the complex.

Technical informations

  • Location: Milan, Italy

  • Customer: Locate District Spa

  • Project: Metrogramma Milano Srl

  • Quantity: 2200 sqm of Lipica Fiorito, Rosso Asiago and Grigio Carnico marbles


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