Bathroom – marble ideas

Bathroom – marble ideas

Aesthetic appeal, practicality and sophistication are essential when you are making things to last. Margraf’s marble collection has the capacity to amaze, enchant and give a setting a unique atmosphere with a strong personality.

The Vicenza-based company’s designers are real “artists” who present a modern take on the natural stone. They bring out the best of its qualities in order to enhance bathrooms and give them an exceptionally refined and exclusive feel.

The resulting collection of tiles, bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins of various shapes and sizes can add a highly personal touch and bring the marvels of the natural world into home bathrooms and the wellness areas of hotels.

The “tailored” solutions feature minimal designs along with soft, winding lines and colour combinations of different marbles that create warm, enveloping brightness. They are produced using cutting-edge technology for demanding customers who show great attention to detail.  Like genuine works of art, Margraf marble tiles, washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays seamlessly complement porcelain bathroom fixtures and offer architects numerous decorative and design options.

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