Tipsy Tiger – Lounge Bar

Elegance and harmony in the heart of Zurich: all the luxury of Polaris Gold quartzite

Zurich is a city that combines modernity and tradition with a dynamic urban center offering a multitude of experiences for residents and visitors. In particular, the former industrial area has transformed into a vibrant district full of art galleries, trendy restaurants, and exclusive bars, becoming a hotspot for those seeking entertainment and innovation.
In the heart of this dynamic zone lies the Tipsy Tiger Bar, a hidden gem that attracts a discerning clientele with a love for novelty. This eclectic and welcoming venue is renowned for its intimate atmosphere, seamlessly blending a vintage spirit with modern elements.

A place where experimentation and quality are evident, from the cocktails to the luxurious furnishings. Our exquisite natural stones adorn the coffee tables and the bar counter of this secret bar in a fusion of elegance and durability. Our exclusive Polaris Gold quartzite is the perfect surface to make every cocktail an experience to savor. The Breccia Bohemien marble, on the other hand, brings a wave of warmth, becoming the highlight of the entire space.

Tipsy Tiger is the ideal example of how the choice of natural stones is essential to enhance the soul of a location, perfectly amalgamating the quality of the materials with the freedom of design.

Technical informations

  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland

  • Customer: Atelier Bubentraum Sergio Studer

  • Project: Tipsy Tiger