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Raffaello Galiotto-Frammenti

The Frammenti collection draws inspiration from the remnants of classical ancient architecture, the allure of architectural marble fragments scattered and accumulated in archaeological ruins. These are monolithic sculptures formed by an apparent assembly of fractured parts, yet connected by unexpected elastic bonds. Raffaello Galiotto, the designer of the works, aims to recreate new fragments, characterized by ornamental marbles recently sourced from distant continents.


This work is inspired by the ancient Greek city of Corinthio, where the architectural style of this column’s shaft was first discovered. Today, that design has been masterfully reinterpreted in an extraordinary piece, carved entirely from a single block of Notre Dame marble


Single block of Notre Dame marble.

Dim. 135 x 81,5 x H 190 cm


The molding of this element is inspired by the designs of a renowned Renaissance architect, transforming the ornamentation of a door from an ancient Roman temple into a stunning table crafted from Fior di Pesco Carnico marble.


Single block of Fior di Pesco Carnico marble.

Dim. 310 x 115 x H 76 cm


The Greek region, the cradle of the earliest remnants of Corinthian columns, inspires the undeniable charm of this seat, which is magically suspended between past and present. Crafted with exclusive Polaris Gold quartzite, it embodies a captivating allure.


Single block of Polaris Gold quartzite

Dim. 225 x 63,5 x H 50 cm